Groove is in the heart

Based on my BBT charting I think I ovulated two weeks to a week and a half ago. That’s my best estimate.   So now I am in the middle of waiting for my period. Today is CD35. I am going to a concert this week and I always enjoy a few drinks when I’m singing and dancing and otherwise rocking out. But now I feel like I can’t. I was thinking about taking a digital hot tomorrow just to see. Which is early, I know. If it’s negative, would I still drink, knowing that I tested rather early and it could possibly be a false negative (possibly)? And if it’s positive I run the risk of getting my hopes up and having it turn out to be a chemical pregnancy. Or in general just being pregnant and having a terrible outcome like what happened in February. Is one of these options the lesser of two evils?

One of the things I am watching out for this week is a terrible mood swing like I had last cycle. When The Husband and I got into the epic boat fight. I could practically feel the hormones raging and making me angry that day; I was conscious of it being hormonal and knowing I was over reacting and starting an argument over something that wasn’t that important in the long run and couldn’t stop myself. I’m thankful it happened over a long weekend and I didn’t have to sit at work silently fuming all day. 

Also, why am I ovulating so late? That is another question. What if my problem is that my eggs are stale because I am ovulating at CD26 or later? Shouldn’t I be ovulating between CD 14 – 21? This cycle, my third since my procedure, is turning out to be longer than my last. Since my D&E (Feb. 26th) it’s gone 55, 34, and now I’m at 35 today. These long cycles are for the birds.
All of these questions and I’m sure there are no answers that will truly satisfy me.
Today is M’s birthday. I sent her a happy birthday text. I don’t feel like talking yet.
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