Tomorrow I will have a case of the Monday’s

Another weekend bites the dust. It went by quick. Keeping busy is helping the time pass. It’s been almost three months since I lost the baby; the first week felt like time passed so slow. Now here it is in May. Sometimes it really is a “day by day” thing, as cliche as that sounds.  I think the key for me has been to stay relatively busy and do things I want to do, and enjoy doing, rather than things I feel obligated to do. I am getting better at saying “No.”

Words of wisdom found at a food shack in Menemsha.

Friday night I went out with a friend for gourmet pizza, shopping and drinks. We had a great time and  I got two cute tops from Express. Saturday was ….. going for a walk with the dog, going to the gym, then movie night with The Husband (Anchorman 2). Also take out from Bertucci’s. Today I had breakfast with an old friend. We haven’t seen each other in about 16 years but have kept up with each other through emails and Facebook. I got to meet her beautiful two year old daughter. Then groceries, a 3 mile run and dinner. I roasted a chicken, potatoes, green beans and rolls. A big dinner for just the two of us but I’ll enjoy the leftovers.

Now I’m writing this and watching The Good Wife. WOW! I love this show.

I have a terrible pain in my right shoulder. I’ve had it since Friday. I think I slept wrong Thursday night but it still hurts. I hope it goes away soon.
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