Tuesday’s Gone With the Wind

A couple of days ago I wrote about having a vaginal cyst. Well last night that whole thing came to a head. While I was away I noticed it was feeling more and more uncomfortable so during our afternoon break I made an appointment with my OB for Wednesday. After the meeting and dinner I went back to the hotel, checked email, showered, etc. As the night went on the cyst starting feeling more and more uncomfortable. It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t get in a good position, and I started crying. I was tired, had two glasses of wine, couldn’t sleep and had to be up early for a flight home. Then finally it stopped. The pressure stopped. It just went away like some sort of miracle. Then I felt blood flowing. The cyst burst on its own! Then I am there in the hotel bleeding at midnight. I called the on-call doctor at my OB’s office and he said the most important thing was being sanitary and making sure it didn’t get infected. He recommended sitz baths. I can’t explain the relief that happened with the cyst burst. It immediately stopped hurting and the pressure went away. Then I started worrying about infection, fever, what if it comes back, etc. etc. But so far I feel fine. It stings a little when the water hits it in the shower but compared to how I felt yesterday I will take a little sting. Now just hoping it doesn’t get infected and doesn’t come back.

I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep over the past two nights. The first night, Sunday, I was nervous about traveling. Then last night I couldn’t sleep due to the cyst and after it burst I only got about five hours. So I am going on a lot less sleep then usual.

Tonight we had a support group meeting so it was another long day. Up early, to the airport, flight home, drive home from airport (which take an hour when there is no traffic as it should!), work from home then drive to the meeting. Home finally at 8:45. My brother is spending the night here tonight, he is working with The Husband tomorrow. There’s a whole story that goes along with it but it’s late, I’m’ tired and it’s time for me to relax.

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