Mothers Day

Another weekend come and gone. Another pregnancy announcement on Facebook. Why did I end my hiatus again? It’s a friend I haven’t seen in two years. She lives in Michigan, we met on a business trip. We instantly bonded and she is such a great person. She doesn’t know my story, what happened to me or even that I was pregnant. She is due in November.

Will I ever be able to share news like that and be happy, excited? Looking happily toward the future? Some days I still have to take it hour by hour. Like today. Never mind planning months in advance.
I really should not be blogging right now and should be sleeping since I have to be up early to get to the airport and make my flight. But really I don’t feel very tired. Today was the warmest day of the year thus far and I feel hot and sweaty and can’t get comfortable to sleep. 
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