Que sera, sera

Had a good day today. Worked out at the gym, pedicure, lunch from Panera. Then dinner with The Husband and his grandparents.

Now in bed catching up on this week’s DVR backlog.
I wish I could get rid of this paranoia. I have a mental countdown going until I leave for my trip. Today I read in the news about how a commercial plane in Florida nearly hit a drone on landing. And how it would have been disasterous if the drone had been sucked into an engine. WTF? I hate flying enough and have enough crazy thoughts running through my mind without having to think about drones too. Why the heck does anyone need a drone anyway? I also read that one crashed into a building in St. Louis. Ugh.
I am also convinced that I have a Bartholin Gland Cyst. I’ve been feeling sore “down there” during the past week when I move certain ways. And when I tried to examine myself by touch something felt different. I also tried to visually examine myself with a mirror and that was the first time I’d done that. I had no idea what was going on and had to Google diagrams of the female reproductive system. And then I wonder, is it really different or have I just not paid good attention throughout the years? I had an exam in March after my procedure and my doctor said everything was fine. But something doesn’t feel “normal” right now. It almost feels like how it used to feel when I was young, riding a bike by standing up and pedaling, and then slipped and fell down in a split on to the bike frame. That kind of discomfort is what it feels like now. But it isn’t constant or even really painful, just uncomfortable. Maybe it will go away? Maybe I am super paranoid after everything that happened? Maybe I just have anxiety about everything? 
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