Cookie Monster

Tonight I decided to make some cookies. This recipe was my inspiration. I thought I followed it to a tee, but the cookies did not come out as I expected! They look nothing like the picture and they do not taste like I thought they would. Not sure if this was something I did wrong, or maybe the wrong products, but I am a little disappointed right now. Sigh.

The work week is over! My plans for the weekend are pretty casual. Go for a run tomorrow morning, then a pedicure. Tomorrow night The Husband and I are going out to dinner with his grandparents. The Husband’s uncle passed away in November and he wanted to spend time with his grandmother this weekend since it will be her first Mothers Day without her son. Sunday morning I am having breakfast with my mother and grandmother. The Husband is having lunch with his mother and her family. Then we are going out to dinner together Sunday night. I am not going to lunch with them; I don’t usually go, because it is a lot of running around to spend time with all these families for what is essentially a Hallmark holiday. Christmas, Thanksgiving, okay. I will run around to visit several people. Mothers Day? No.  I also have to pack for my trip Monday. Luckily it is just an overnight so I don’t need much – just business clothes for the meeting and dinner, pajamas, toiletries and my information for the meeting. So it should be light packing.

I still have nerves about traveling. I wish I was just staying home! I keep thinking about all the things that could go wrong. I am such a pessimist. No matter how hard I try I can’t break that about myself. Maybe I haven’t tried hard enough. I just keep telling myself it’s only one night. 

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