"Shake it like a Polaroid picture"

I don’t have much to write about today. It’s been kind of dreary since Saturday and I think the dreariness and rain is making me feel tired, lethargic and all around crappy. The bad weather is bringing me down. I haven’t exercised since Monday. Tonight I just came home, watched TV with The Husband and made a pizza for dinner. I had a salad for lunch so I don’t feel as bad about the pizza.

My aunt sent me a text message today. I used to work with my aunt at the same company (different departments) until about two years ago, when I left to go to my current employer. There was a woman there we nicknamed “Bobble Butt” (we had nicknames for EVERYONE). She has a big old butt and she isn’t afraid to shake it and use it when sauntering around the building. Anyway she got remarried last year and evidently is expecting a baby with her husband. I didn’t know that – why would I? We weren’t friends and I haven’t seen her since I left. My aunt told me that she’s pregnant, and pregnancy isn’t too kind to her – she’s gained a lot of weight, is “unrecognizable”, her butt is bigger than ever, etc. etc. I think she was trying to make me laugh or make me feel better – as in “Ha ha, this bitchy chick who saunters around like she owns the place is now a fat pregnant mess”. Schadenfreude. Really, I didn’t care. I hadn’t thought of her since I left and I don’t care she is expecting her second child with as many men. I don’t care if she is a fat slob or has a cute pregnant baby bump. 

I hope my friends that are pregnant do not expect me to congratulate them, or visit them in the hospital or otherwise express any happiness when their babies are born. Because the way I feel right now, it definitely is not happening. Intellectually I am happy for them, but emotionally I am not. If that makes sense.

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