Monday optimism

Good things that have been happening and things that I am looking forward to (instead of a sad, petty, whiny woe-is-me post):


A few weeks ago The Husband and I spent an afternoon at Patriot Place. We had dinner, walked around the stores, and then finished our afternoon/early evening with a stop at Cupcake Charlie’s

I have been reconnecting with an old friend from high school. We went out last month for a shopping trip to Providence Place and lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. She introduced me to Pastiche, a fabulous cafe. We have another shopping date coming up soon.
A few months ago (actually, the week we lost the baby) we got a new tile floor installed in our kitchen. It really makes our kitchen look 100 times better and I’m so happy with it. What a difference a floor makes. I am very happy with the decision to go with tile instead of hard wood in that room.
This is my first performance review cycle at work since I’ve been promoted to supervisor. I had to write review on two of my direct reports over the past two weeks. I got feedback from my manager and from HR that I did a great job. I was really nervous about this because I wanted to be honest without being harsh and also need to highlight strengths as well as weaknesses. I put a lot of time and thought into them and I’m glad they turned out well. 
Friday night I am going to my first Paint Nite. I am going with some girls from work and some of my friends outside of work. My two worlds are colliding! Work life and real life. Sort of like when Independent George and Relationship George collided on Seinfeld. My good friend N from work found the event and sent it to me, then we each sent it to some of our friends. I think we have a good group going and I’ll get a chance to meet some of her “real world” friends too. 
Saturday morning I am volunteering for my neighborhood’s Earth Day clean up event. I have never done this before. The streets surrounding my neighborhood are sparsely populated and very wooded, so it’s a very popular area to dump trash. Not just trash but old furniture, tires, etc. People can be so gross sometimes and are just too lazy to go to the dump so they drop it off on the side of the road. Lazy jerks.
In two weeks we are going to dinner for my mother’s birthday to one of my favorite restaurants, Ichigo Ichie
The next time I complain about not being able to lose the 5 lbs. I gained while pregnant, someone remind me that a lot of things on the above list have to do with food. No shit I can’t lost the weight when I am indulging in cupcakes and cake. 
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