Having a mini freak out right now. Someone gave my husband an Easter Lily for us. He left it outside because he thought it might be bad for the cat. My grandmother came over this morning to drop some stuff off for Easter dinner tomorrow (which we are hosting at my house) and said how beautiful an Easter Lily is and that my cat should be fine.

So I bring it in the house, put it on the kitchen table and immediately head to the computer to Google “Easter Lily” and “cats”. I immediately see that yes, these plants are indeed POISONOUS to cats. So I run out to the kitchen and see my cat SNIFFING the plant.

Only one of the buds is starting to bloom (none are fully bloomed yet) and she was sniffing one that hadn’t bloomed. She wasn’t eating, or nibbling, just sniffing. But I immediately screamed and grabbed the plant and threw it on our deck. Then I washed my hands because I had been handling this plant, and I don’t want any potential pollen that had gotten on me to get on her. Then I realize I should wash her face, so I wet a rag and started rubbing her face. Which annoyed her. Then I disinfected the kitchen table in case pollen was on there. 

I examined the plant and there were no bit marks. There are no leaves missing or damaged, and none were on the table or ground. So I don’t think she ate the plant. But I am worried she ingested pollen which is equally as poisonous. I called the vet, and they said if she just sniffed it she should be okay, but if she ingested it then there is a problem. Literally, it was on the table for a minute. Of course that minute she couldn’t have been running around the house like crazy, as she does at night. That is the minute that she has to be paying attention to what I am doing. I am so pissed off. I should have left the damn plant outside. WTF is wrong with me? Now I am just watching her and waiting for something to happen. They say cats usually vomit first. So I am waiting now to see what she does. I don’t even think there was any pollen on the plants. Can there be pollen if they haven’t bloomed? I looked and I don’t think I saw any. Why didn’t I pay more attention when I learned these things in high school???

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