Tonight we watched the Disney Nature documentary “African Cats.” It’s a documentary about two wild cat families set in the Kenyan savannah. I have always loved large cats – lions, tigers, leopards etc. so I rented it from Netflix. The film could be boiled to mother cats teaching their cubs about the wild and protecting them. A mother’s love. I really found it to be fascinating. I was worried it would be bloody, with the cats killing each other and whatnot, and there were some fights and some deaths but it truly wasn’t gory. 

Last fall we visited McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary while we were on our five year wedding anniversary vacation. I am really glad we did and we both loved it. It was definitely one of our favorite experiences on the trip. To be up close and personal with those animals, who could definitely kill you if they wanted to and could get to you, to see their power up close and personal. And I was so impressed with our guide, who knew all of the animals and all of their background stories. And each animal had it’s own story. Some were rescued, some were injured and rehabbed, some were abandoned. I can’t wait to go back if I get a chance.

So today is a good day and I feel that being away from Facebook, disconnected from social networking, is good for me. I’m not worrying about other people and what they are doing and what they are thinking. I’m not reading on a feed about where every person is and who they are with and what they are doing. I’m not making pointless posts about who I am with or what I am doing. I am just here being myself. With my husband, our pets, my thoughts. I really need time for me to focus on myself. Dealing with my thoughts and feelings. I would rather have my sanity than 400 friends on Facebook.

Today I was telling one of my friends at work about the Raspberry Leaf Tea. She had never heard of it. But anyway, it is supposed to tone your uterus. How would I even know if it is working? I guess I just have to take the experts word for it, but I wish there was a way to know. I can tell if my abs are toned, or my arms or legs. How do I know if my uterus is toned? I guess I don’t. I will keep drinking my two glasses a day anyway.

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